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Concert Series

See Thad Fiscella in Concert
How to get the ball rolling:

Although I am currently in the studio recording a new album, I may still be available to perform for you. If you are interested, I would love to hear from you to discuss the opportunity to meet you and share my music. Possible opportunities include, but not limited to, house concerts, ministry opportunities at your local church, concerts at a local piano gallery, college, or school, weddings, art shows, or other social events. All that is needed is a nice space, an audience, and a well tuned piano. The piano doesn't have to be a grand piano, but the better the piano, the better the music will sound!  In some instanced a very nice weighted digital piano may work too.


If you would like more information or to talk to me personally about performing, please send an email to to discuss details, location, and costs. Costs will general involve travel expenses, and general booking fees, which I will discuss in further detail below.


General Booking Information:


I would love for you to host a concert, but first lets discuss details. I play many kinds of shows, including house concerts, concerts in churches, schools, weddings, funerals, background music for corporation dinners, fundraisers, and many other social events. Let me know the event, and I may be able to accomidate your music needs. I am currently available to travel anywhere in the midwest, and possibly the United States if I can get it to work out.


So what are the costs?

I try to keep my fees as reasonable as possible, my desire is to minister through music, and not to be a burden finacially to anyone, church or organization. With that said I also need to support my family and music business so that I can continue to create music, and I don't want to lose money performing.

A. First I ask for the opportunity to sell my music, so that people can purchase it and share with others. Generally this will simply require a small table, and time to share about my music and ministry.

B. Basic Travel Fee-my Basic Travel Fee includes all expenses for air (if flying) gas (if driving) car rental, accomdations and allowances for food. If I am in an area performing multiple shows, generally the travel expenses will be divided between all shows, which will reduce the basic travel fee, but if you ask to do one specific show the basic travel fee will be higher. When you contact me, I will let you know if I will already be in the area to help reduce travel fees, or you may help by helping me add other various shows in the area to help cover costs. If the concert is near my home, or within a short driving distance, no basic travel fee is required, it will be included in the Basic Performance fee. If you don't believe you can afford a travel fee, contact me anyway to see if we can work something out.

C. Basic Performance Fee- Currently my basic performance fee is $400.


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