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You can purchase Thad's available sheet music scores here for $2.99 each, or you can purchase package deals here and save money. All sheet music scores are in PDF format and will be directly available to download upon purchase. A receipt of the purchase with a link will also be sent to you by email shortly after purchase. This link will allow you to download your song(s) anytime at your  convenience. Songs can be purchased through paypal or any major credit or debit card.


Once purchased, you will be able to download the file(s) immediately to your device. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Many computers come with Acrobat pre-installed, but if not, you can download it here free. For Mobile Devices, you may need to download the Adobe app to view.


You can also preview music samples of each song, and when you are ready to purchase, simply click the add to cart button.


To ensure that Thad can continue creating new music, please respect all copyright laws, and not share, trade, or distribute the PDF file(s) through physical or digital means, or via the internet, including free sheet music trading sites. The downloads you purchase are for your personal use only.

Sheet music package deals

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All Available Songs Package- Includes all of Thad's currently available sheet music scores. This package will change in quantity and price as new songs become available. Purchase all 40 currently available songs for $49.95.

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Most Popular Songs Package- Includes Thad's most popular sheet music scores: Angel Kisses, For Ross, Ivory Hymn, Long Awaited Love, October Fade, and Beauty of Grace (Just Piano). Purchase all 6 songs for $14.95

Purchase Most Popular Songs

Vast CD Songs Package- Includes all 10 sheet music scores from Thad's Vast album: Angel Kisses, Adorn, Child in My Arms, For Ross, Ivory Hymn, Long Awaited Love, Evenscene, Gentle Whisper, Opalescence, and When Leaves Fall. Purchase all 10 songs for $21.95

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Love Without Words CD Songs Package- Includes all currently available sheet music scores from Thad's Love Without Words album: Devotion, Forever (The Proposal), October Fade, Day on Hamilton Street, Lovely (Laura's Song) Mayapple Road, Never Goodbye, and Wedding Song. Purchase all 8 songs for $16.95.

Purchase Love Without Words CD Songs
Purchase Love Without Words CD Songs

The Road Home CD Songs Package- Includes all currently available sheet music scores from Thad's The Road Home album: Annie's Song, At the Cross, Beauty of Grace, Bittersweet September, Orchard Skies, The Road Home, The Rose, Together Again, Sharing the Silence, Stillness, Surrey Hills, and Yesteryear.  Purchase all 12 songs for $22.95.

Wedding Songs Package- Upcoming Wedding? These songs will make the perfect addition to any Wedding. Sheet music scores include: Angel Kisses, Long Awaited Love, Wedding Song, Forever (The Proposal), Sharing the Silence, The Rose, When You Said I Do and both the full strings and just piano version of Beauty of Grace. Purchase all 8 songs for $16.95.

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Easy to Learn Songs Package- Here are a few sheet music scores that are less difficult or in easier keys to learn: At the Cross, For Ross, Ivory Hymn, Mayapple Road, Evenscene, Opalescence, Beauty of Grace (Just Piano), and Yesteryear. Purchase all 8 songs for $16.95.

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Recital and Performance Package- These sheets will set the perfect tone for your next recital or performance for the intermediate to advanced pianist: Adorn, Angel Kisses, Devotion, Free to Fly , Letter of Grace, October Fade, Orchard Skies, and Together Again. Purchase all 8 songs for $16.95.

Sheet music Individual songs  2.99 Each

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Adorn- A quick, intermediate piece in the key of A major. Fast moving melodic lines, accompanied by a flowing left hand, make this an exciting piece for anyone to learn.

Purchase Adorn
Purchase Angel Kisses

Angel Kisses- An intermediate piece in the key of F Major. An inspiring and catchy song with a sweet melody and a flowing left hand accompaniment, both weaving between the major and relative minor keys,  makes this Thad's most popular song to learn.

Annie's Song- A slow, peaceful waltz written for Thad's Niece. This beautiful piece is easy to moderate difficulty in the key of Dflat Major. The perfect song to dance along with that special girl in your life.

Purchase Annie's Song

At the Cross- A simple, peaceful, and meditative song in the key of A Major. Hymn style with a beautiful melody throughout A great starter song for those looking to learn Thad's music.  

Purchase At the Cross
Purchase Beauty of Grace (Score/Piano) ($5.99)
Purchase Beauty of Grace (Just Piano) ($2.99)

Beauty of Grace- An easy to moderate piece in the key of D Major. Melodic and full of grace, one of Thad's most popular songs to date, especially for weddings. Purchase just the piano part, or the full score with strings and piano. 

Bittersweet September- A flowing and calming piece in the key of F minor. Reminiscent of the changing seasons, full of color and character. Intermediate to advanced difficulty. 

Purchase Bittersweet September
Purchase Child in My Arms

Child in My Arms- A relaxed piece in the key of E Major. Both melancholy and playful, a song reminiscent of a parent holding their young child, bringing comfort and demonstrating love. Easy to intermediate difficulty. 

Purchase Day on Hamilton Street

Day on Hamilton Street- An intermediate piece in the key of A major. Melodic right hand flowing together with a steady left hand, both working together to create a story and a playful piece to learn.

Purchase Devotion

Devotion- A more challenging piece in the key of F# minor. A song with a quick moving and beautifully inspiring melody, accompanied by a quick flowing left hand part; emotional and stirring, make this piece a welcoming but challenging song to anyone's repertoire.

Purchase Evenscene

Evenscene- An easy piece in the key of C major. Slow, peaceful, and melodic with a constant moving base line, one of Thad's easier songs to learn, a good place to start for early piano learners wanting to begin playing Thad's music.

Purchase Everlasting Joy

Everlasting Joy (Emily's Song)- A moderately difficult piece in the key of B flat major. A lighthearted and vibrant piece, full of joy and peace, great for recitals, or to brighten your day.

For Ross- An easy piece in the key of E major. A very sweet, calm and delicate piece, with a flowing melodic line, reminiscent of an Irish tune.

Purchase For Ross

Forever (The Proposal)- An intermediate piece in the key of D major. A Love song at its core, this piece has a gentle and flowing melody, along with colorful and vibrant chords, the perfect song and setting for any wedding.

Purchase For Forever (The Proposal)
Purchase For Free to Fly

Free to Fly- A difficult piece in the key of G flat major. A fun and lively song, full of joy, that takes flight from the very first note, and never takes itself to serious. A challenging piece that is both inspiring and exciting. 

Gentle Whisper- A difficult piece in the key of G# minor. Written in a more classical style, with a gentle and calming melody and left hand accompaniment; full of grace and peace.

Purchase Gentle Whisper

Hope Lights the Way- An intermediate to difficult piece in the key of A minor. A dramatic and inspiring piece filled with hope and beauty. A great piece for performance or to give yourself a challenge musically.

Purchase Hope Lights the Way
Purchase Hope Remains (Just Piano)

Hope Remains (Just Piano)- An easy/intermediate piece in the key of C major. A song full of lyrical melody, simple, yet deep, full of hope and joy; a song perfect for any occasion.

Ivory Hymn- An intermediate piece in the key of E major. More chordal and linear in nature with changing meters and a beautiful flowing melody. Simple at its core, but difficult to master.

Purchase Ivory Hymn

Joyous Turmoil (William's Song)- A moderately difficult piece in the key of F sharp minor. A fast moving emotionally driven piece, full of twist and turns, that will stop you in your tracks. Great for those looking for very emotional music. 

Purchase Joyous Turmoil
Purchase Letters of Grace

Letters of Grace- A difficult piece in the key of B major. A fast delicate melody accompanied by a quick and flowing left hand. A piece full of overtones and rubato that musically penetrates the soul. Great for those looking to impress musically.

Purchase Light Shines Through

Light Shines Through- An intermediate piece in the key of A minor. A dynamic piece full of highs and lows, ups and downs, slow and fast, with lots of emotion. A great piece for anyone to add to their repertoire.

Purchase Long Awaited Love

Long Awaited Love- An intermediate piece in the key of F# major. A very tender piece, melodic in nature, with a flowing left hand accompaniment. Perfect for your next wedding, or to celebrate the love of you life.

Lovely (Laura's Song)- A difficult piece in the key of E major. A song with multiple sections varying in difficulty and lasting over 6 minutes long. Musically it contains some twist and turns, juxtaposed within a beautiful melody.

Purchase Lovely (Laura's Song)

Mayapple Road- An easy piece in the key of A major. A mixture of sweet melody and structured chords, overlaid musically with a simple story at its heart. Mayapple Road is a good piece to start with, more simple and relaxed.

Purchase Mayapple Road

Never Goodbye- A reflective and tender song in the key of G flat Major. Heartfelt and peaceful, full of memories and tears. An easy to intermediate piece.

Purchase Never Goodbye

October Fade- An intermediate piece in the key of C# minor. A beautiful haunting melody fixed with a stirring accompaniment make this a great choice for all levels of playing ability.

Purchase October Fade

Opalescence- An intermediate piece in the key of D major. A colorful and reflective piece, full of melodic runs and translucent chords; beautiful and peaceful. 

Purchase Opalescence

Orchard Skies- An intermediate to difficult piece in the key of C# Minor. A song full of color and whimsical melodies, intertwine with beautiful chords and exciting rhythms; making this a great piece for performance or recitals.

Purchase Orchard Skies

Sharing the Silence- An intermediate piece in the key of D Major. A beautiful song with flowing melody and accompaniment, that speaks of the time cherished between loved ones.  

Purchase Sharing the Silence

Stillness- A quiet and calming song in the key of B Major. Peaceful in every regard. A song of hope under the healing power of God as He comforts us. An intermediate to advanced piece.

Purchase Stillness

Surrey Hills- A lively and spirited song in the key of B Major. Robust and playful, full of twists and turns, with plenty of rubato mixed in. A Moderate to difficult piece. Great for recitals or to inspire your friends and family.

Purchase Surrey Hills

Sweet Surrender- A gentle and sweet song in the key of G Major. A lullaby at heart, childlike and innocent, peace as a little child falls asleep. An easy to intermediate piece to learn.

Purchase Sweet Surrender
Purchase The Road Home

The Road Home- An intermediate piece in the key of E major. A slow, emotional, and melodic piece; full of reminiscing, bittersweet joys, and thoughts of home sweet home, perfect to learn on those quiet rainy days.

Purchase The Rose

The Rose- An easy/intermediate piece in the key of D flat major. A song rich in melody and simple harmonies, beautiful, contemplative, and emotionally driven; a song that was meant to be learned, played and shared.

Together Again- A Challenging piece in the key of  D. An exciting piece full of life and Joy, great for a weekend challenge or for your next piano recital. A wonderful song that is both entertaining to hear and entertaining to play.

Purchase Together Again

Waves- A Moderately difficult piece in the key of  A minor. A very flowing and gentle piece, reminiscent of waves or moving waters. A song full of emotion and undercurrent of tones and harmony, perfect for any student or inspiring musician.

Wedding Song- An intermediate piece in the key of A major. Full of exciting and fast moving melodic runs, make this a perfect setting for your next wedding, or to learn for any occasion.

Purchase Wedding Song

When Leaves Fall- An intermediate piece in the key of C# minor. A beautiful, but haunting melody in a minor key, delicate and peaceful, with rubato playing mixed in.

Purchase When Leaves Fall

When You Said I Do- A fast challenging piece in the Key of E Major. Great for any wedding or romantic moment when background music is needed.  

Purchase When You Said I Do

Yesteryear- An easy to moderate piece in the key of E flat Major. A simple, melodic, and elegant piece, reminiscent of days past and memories cherished.

Purchase Yesteryear