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Musical Inspirations

Previously I shared about some composers that inspired me when I was younger. Classical composers where at the heart of my early childhood, and still are, but as I got older and the age of the internet came about, I started discovering new artists such as George Winston, Jim Brickman, and Yiruma. As I started college and beyond, I soon discovered on-line music sites, and my curiosity moved to the possibilities of getting my music on-line.

At this point, I discovered some sites that would place my music on-line for free, just as a means for people to discover and listen. I have to admit, I never thought I would have the opportunity to place my music on radio stations. The first Radio Station my music was accepted on was Whispering Radio. Here is a link:

If you absolutely love piano music, this is your source for great modern-day composers. David Nevue runs the station, and David's music has been a huge inspiration for me. When I started listening to David's music, I realized there is a genre of music out there that fits my play style, and it really motivated me to work harder. I contribute a lot of my success and inspiration to David and many of the composers on Whisperings Radio.

Over the next few weeks, I will talk about other artists, many on Whispering Radio who I thoroughly enjoy listening to.

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